How To Make Money Online Without Paying Anything In Nigeria

4 min readJan 14, 2022


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We have a number of readers from Nigeria and they often ask us “how to make money online without paying anything in Nigeria?” In this post we will answer that question by providing you with the best ways to do this.

One distinct advantage that you have over some other countries in the world if you live in Nigeria is that you speak English. This is important as English is the number one international language. It is certainly the language of business. If you do not have existing skills, it will be easier for you to learn them for free.

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Be a Copywriter

All businesses need to sell their products and services to survive. Many businesses have moved online now because they feel that they will get more leads that way. In order for a business to succeed online, it needs 2 things:

Visitor Traffic and Conversions

There are many websites online that have a lot of visitor traffic but make very little money form this. Why is that? Because they are not using the right copywriting techniques to persuade the visitors to make a purchase. They have the traffic but they do not have the conversions.

A conversion is when a visitor does what you want them to do. If you have specific pages for your products and services, how many are you selling? You could measure this per 100 visitors for example. Many businesses need help with this because they do not know how to create pages that convert.

This is where you come in. You can use your existing copy skills (or learn them if you need to) and write copy for them that converts. Once you have the necessary skills and you are ready to announce this to the world, you need to promote yourself. It costs nothing to open an account at and post a copywriting gig there.

If you have to learn copywriting skills you may think that this is too much trouble. But copywriters can earn really good money and the demand is certainly there. Think long term here as it can be a very rewarding thing to do.

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How to Make Money Online without Paying anything in Nigeria — Content Writer

Writing good content is another skill that is in high demand. People that own websites know that they need to continually provide engaging content for their visitors. Search engines like Google also like to see this. Websites with good content usually rank higher in the search results than those that don’t.

You can read and write in English so you are almost there! There are plenty of free resources online where you can learn how to write good content. If you like learning from videos then do a search on YouTube.

High-quality writers can earn a lot of money, and if you are good then word will soon spread and you will get a lot of work. A lot of good writers have more work than they can handle. There are plenty of places that you can promote your writing talents for free. Fiverr is good and so is You can also try freelancing sites like Upwork.

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Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

There are many people living in Nigeria that are making very good money from affiliate marketing. They promote other people’s products and services using free traffic methods and get paid good commissions when they make sales.

A good place to start with affiliate marketing is This is a site that is growing very fast and has many digital and physical products that you can promote. People from all over the world can become an affiliate with Digistore24 so you will have no problem living in Nigeria.

How do you get the visitor traffic for free to promote affiliate offers? One of the most effective ways to do this is to answer questions on Quora. If you are not familiar with Quora, it is a website where people ask questions and others supply answers. It is free to join and you can start answering questions which are related to the products or services you are promoting.

Another free traffic method is to use social media sites. One site that gets fairly overlooked by affiliate marketers is Pinterest. You can create a free account and then post pins that persuade users to check out your offers. Choose the right affiliate offer to promote on Pinterest and you can make a lot of money.

Final Words

These are just three of the ways that you can make money online in Nigeria without the need to invest any money. There are more things that you can do. We recommend that once you have started to make money that you invest some of it in a domain name and some web hosting. It is always good to have your own website.

Now it is down to you to get started. We have answered the question “how to make money online without paying anything in Nigeria?”, so all you need to do now is decide what you want to do and get started.