Best Way To Make Money In Black Desert Online

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If you play Black Desert Online then you must have thought to yourself “what is the best way to make money in Black Desert Online?” When we talk about making money here, we are of course referring to making silver which you will always need while playing this most popular game.

When you have silver in Black Desert Online you can do anything. It is a bit like having money in real life. You can upgrade your house, get all of the gear that you want and even buy beer for those that work for you. So, in this post, we will show you some of the best ways that you can get as much silver as you want playing Black Desert Online.

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1. Best Way to Make Money in Black Desert Online — Get Workers

When you have workers, you can make a good amount of silver in the game. Workers are really important, as you will want to train life skills like alchemy, processing and cooking. Acquiring workers is a great way to make passive income in Black Desert Online as they do all of the hard work for you and there is little effort required on your part.

The key to acquiring workers is to make an investment in a small number of nodes. When you have the nodes, you can then get some workers to put the effort in on your behalf. It will cost you around 10,000 in silver to hire a worker. We recommend that you get workers that are in the skilled tier or above when you are starting out. They will make the most for you.

2. Acquire the Processing Life Skill

It is easy for you to master the processing life skill when you have the resources available. Processing can be a really profitable skill and there are several ways that you can earn silver from it. These include melting ore and chopping timber, but we recommend that you grind potatoes that your workers produce.

The idea here is that you will make potato flour that you can sell for a good price. You will need to place all of your materials in the inventory and then navigate to the “produce” window. Now you want to start grinding so click the button for this and add your materials. If you have a lot of potatoes then this will take a while. Sell the potato flour and save some for cooking.

3. Imperial Crafting

The imperial crafting delivery is a very profitable way to make money in Black Desert Online. But there are some disadvantages with this that you need to be aware of. You will need time and experience to set it up and it is partially AFK. It is worth persevering with imperial crafting though, as you can make tons of silver with it.

It may take you a little time to get used to imperial crafting. Depending on what you deliver, there will be a limit on how much is accepted. One of the best things to deliver is the Omelette crate as there is not a lot of traffic for this.

4. Weapon Heating

It doesn’t get any more straightforward than with weapon heating. First you will need to clear the inventory and then go to the marketplace and purchase some Rosar axes. You need to use the “Produce” menu to heat the axes. Heating will result in Trace of Memories and Melted Iron Shards which you can exchange for a fair amount of silver.

Another possible byproduct of heating the axes is pure zinc shards. This is a bit of a gamble as not all of the axes will contain the pure zinc shards. You are going to need to heat about 4axes to get this. When you consider that a single axe costs 35,000 in silver and that you can make 100,000 in silver for the pure zinc shards it makes a lot of sense to do weapon heating.

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5. Kill Mobs

The highest amount of silver that you can earn per hour in an active way is to kill mobs. It is also a great experience to eliminate enemies time and time again. You need to go to grinding spots and then setup rotations. When you stick with this for a while you will make a ton of silver.

Now you know the best way to make money in Black Desert Online. In fact, we have provided you with 5 great ways for making money. Some of these will take a little practice, but after a while they will be very easy for you to implement so that you can build up your silver reserves.

Black Desert Online is an awesome game that requires smart tactics and quite a bit of patience. Use these proven ways to make money in Black Desert Online and you will not go wrong. We wish you every success with the Black Desert Online game.



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